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Events News  | August 16, 2017

OA Scotland – Visit to Kentigern House, Glasgow

Come and have a chat!

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Education & Training Events News  | August 15, 2017

Employers and Armed Forces Networking Evening

Want to know how you get recognition as a Regular or Reservist Engineer?

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Education & Training Events News  |

Transferrable Skills Workshop

On leaving the Services you have great transferable skills to offer any potential employer - how do I identify these? Well join us and find out more!

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Events  | August 14, 2017

The Network Edinburgh (TNE)

The aim of TNE is to expand beyond the ex-military Officer population and include likeminded colleagues, friends and employers who have a wealth of business experience to add.

Come along to the TNE for advice or guidance about your career opportunities.

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Blog Events News  | August 11, 2017

The Network Glasgow (TNG) Meeting

There will now be a TNG Meeting on Thursday, 10th August in the Champagne Bar (not Champagne Corner) - a table is reserved. If you could let Alex Cross if you are coming.

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