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The Officers Association Scotland (OA Scotland) was founded in 1919 as a distinct branch of its sister Association in London, by Field Marshal The Earl Haig to assist officers to find work and relieve poverty.

Following the Great War tens of thousands of officers were demobilised and, while non-commissioned officers and men received payments of so called out-of-work donations, officers received no help whatsoever from the government though many of them of them were without private means.

Their Service pay had been low and war gratuities small and so, within a short time of demobilisation, many of them, being unemployed and without income, were in great difficulties. In some cases their education was incomplete; in others, good pre-war positions at home or overseas had been given up and attractive prospects sacrificed. They had been selected for commissioned service because of the personal qualities but, sad to state, in the post-war period large numbers of them were destitute. Several had taken to playing barrel organs in the streets of Edinburgh displaying placards that they were ex-officers with wives and children to support, but without income and therefore down and out.

Since then the state system of support for people who have fallen on hard times has evolved.  Sadly there are still many whose level of income is so low that even with the state they cannot make ends meet.  In 1999 OA Scotland was reconstituted as a Company limited by guarantee. OA Scotland continues to provide an employment service as one of its key functions but welfare remains the most pressing call on its resources.  In recognition of the service officers have selflessly given to the Monarch and Country, the Directors are committed to supporting them, their widows and dependants in their time of need.

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