A quick & simple CV check list

A quick & simple CV sanity check list

I have been advising clients on their Employability Skills for several years, and have seen many different CV formats and heard a lot of different advice from Employers and Agencies. This can be confusing and frustrating, and may add unnecessary stress to your job applications.

Therefore I would say there is no right or wrong way to compile a CV, and it really depends who’s reading it. Sometimes it’s refreshing for an Employer to see a different CV layout from all the rest, as long as it’s clear, succinct and includes all relevant information for your chosen job.

Your CV is the first chance you may get to make an impression with an Employer, so if you get the important things in your CV right first time, then you are already ahead of the competition!

Remember, Employers will read so many CV’s that there is no room for mistakes!

When sending your CV off to a specific vacancy – ask yourself the following questions!

Do you understand the Vacancy?

What is the Employer looking for?

What Specific skills are required?

What Experience is required? Why is this post suitable for you?

Tailor your CV

Do the skills listed on your CV match the job requirements? Look again can you add more?

Think about your transferable skills, have you highlighted them, where appropriate for the position?

Is the profile specific to you and the vacancy?

Does your career history support the profile and skills list, explaining how you acquired your skills? Have any significant gaps in your work history been explained?

Please don’t use abbreviations! If the Employer/Recruiter doesn’t understand they will lose interest. Would someone non-military understand your skills and experience?

Use positive and focused statements and maintain this through all your work history and profile.

Are your contact details correct and up to date? (Do you have an appropriate email address?)

CV length will depend on your age and experience, so don’t eliminate important information, just make it all more succinct!

Have you used a consistent font and format?

Have you spell checked?

Did you use a black font? (It is easier to read when printed)

……And finally have you asked someone to proof read it?


Tom Denovan,  Employment Consultant at the Officers Association Scotland t.denovan@oascotland.org.uk

Posted on 04th October 2015

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