Our Board provide direction and oversight of all OA Scotland's activities. They are all ex-military officers who have gained wide experience in the commercial and charitable sectors since leaving the services.


Charlie Johnston

Former army officer with and now Director, Paratus Executive. Also Fundraiser for Combat Stress in Scotland.

Board Member

Rob Littlejohn

Former RAF officer followed by a senior role in the Lowlands Reserve Forces & Cadet Association. Also had many years involvement with SSAFA as Chair of their Glasgow Branch.

Board Member

Andrew Herberts

Treasurer, Former army officer and now Deputy Director, Private Investment Management, Thomas Miller Investments. Also Chair of SSAFA, East of Scotland branch.

Board Member

Gair Brisbane

Former RAF officer and then Regional Director of Royal Air Force Association. Now Senior Charities Portfolion Manager with Standard Life Wealth. Also Trustee of The John Muir Trust.

Board Member

Anthony Perriam

Anthony Perriam, Chartered Surveyor and currently Managing Partner at Rettie Borders LLP in Melrose. Formerly an officer in the Black Watch, with an MA from St Andrews and an Edinburgh University MBA. Also a Trustee of the Black Watch Museum and the Scottish Society for the Employment of Ex-Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen

Board Member

Emma Watson-Mack

Former army officer and now Development Director with Entrepreneurial Scotland and The Saltire Foundation.

Board Member

Nicholas Trowell

Former army officer and now Head of Frontline Risk at Barclays UK.

Board Member

Sophie Mifsud

Former army officer. Now an army wife and Regional Manager for Defence Transition Service covering Scotland and Northern Ireland

Board Member

James Bryden

Former army officer and now COO of Internal Audit at Aberdeen Standard within Edinburgh, London, Singapore and Philidelphia