Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund – Open Unversity

Details to follow for 2019/20 – basic outline below – full details not published on OU Website yet


What is the scholarship?
XX scholarships are available in 2019/20.
All undergraduate and postgraduate modules and qualifications are eligible for the scheme, as long as the first module commences in the 2019/20 academic year.
Full fee waivers will be available for a full undergraduate or postgraduate qualification, up to a maximum of 120 credits per seasonal academic year, 360 credits in total and not exceeding £18,000.
The closing date is XXXXXX, so if you are thinking of studying your first module later on in the year you will still need to submit your application by this date.
Am I eligible?
To be eligible to apply for the scheme you must meet all the following criteria:
Be starting OU study in the 2019/20 academic year.
Be eligible for a UK fee.
Be disabled as a result of, or in, military service.
You’ll find all of the eligibility criteria in the terms and conditions.
Supporting evidence
You will need to provide evidence which confirms that your disability is as a direct result of active service. You don’t have to prove that your disability occurred during service, simply that it is a result of it. This could be a letter from your current GP or Consultant, or your confirmation of medical discharge.

For full details and application:- http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/choose/veterans

Posted on 19th June 2018

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