Client Testimonials

In 2016/17, over 70 of our clients found jobs, some directly through OA Scotland and others with support on CVs, interview training, marketing, advice and other guidance. Some of the many comments we receive from clients are included below.

“Leaving the RN after a great initial career – with admittedly lots of ticks in the why stay in column – was not an easy choice; and one that should never be rushed into after a hard day at work. My decision was a long time in the making. I had first joined-up to give something back to the country which had provided for me during my upbringing. At the same time, I wanted to grow myself as a person and one day become an attractive candidate for civilian employment. The practical experience I gained from 7 years in gave me everything I had hoped for: unrivalled evidence of leadership, communication, organisation and much more.

Still, I was uncertain as I took the big step to leave. There is immense job security for many in the forces, and the life & camaraderie is unforgettable. The first thing that anyone should do when leaving is, therefore, to tap into the amazing ex-forces network that exists out here. Right at heart of that network is the Officer’s Association (OA) and Officers Association Scotland (OAS). OAS exists with one purpose: to help service leavers make the transition to civilian employment, and from the moment I gave JPA the "its not you it’s me", OAS were ready to offer great encouragement, advice and training. Numerous phone calls, emails, meetings and networking events later, I have a job, and OAS had given me advice at every step of the way. I, therefore, highly recommend OAS to any service leaver.”

A RN Server leaver working in the FS and Investments World

“OA Scotland have been a huge help in my search for a new career. In my case, they could match my professional attributes, personality and employment aspirations with a specific role which resulted in an offer of employment. At all times, they provided excellent advice, access to informative workshops, worthwhile networking events and were a source of relevant information. What’s more, I feel my new employer has been able to fill a niche position with the right candidate, in good time, thanks to OA Scotland. Their service has been outstanding.

Very many thanks.”

Ex-RAF Service Leaver – now working in the Micro-Technology industry

‘An outstanding service which I gained much more from than I expected. My OA Scotland rep made some really useful suggestions regarding my CV and exposed me to some employment options, networking opportunities and training events which added considerable value to my overall resettlement planning.’

An ex-OAS client now in employment following a training event