The impact of sending a covering letter

So why use covering letters?

It’s an opportunity to include your unique selling points, tailoring your applications to the job description.

It’s the first document the prospective employer will see so can make a real impact.

It gives you an opportunity to say why you would like to work for the Organisation.

It will showcase your professionalism and communications skills.

It offers job applicants the opportunity to explain any gaps in their CV.

You can elaborate on any special awards or achievements you may have.

It’s an opportunity to gain an advantage over other candidates as covering letters are often neglected.

Your letter needs to be written in such a way that the reader wants to look at your CV or application. So give the letter much careful thought and target the letter to the Employer’s needs.

Do not attempt to use a standard covering letter as it tells the recipient that they are just one of many and nothing special.

The letter needs to be one page maximum.

There’s lots of information about over letters on the internet.  You’ll find examples on the following links:

However If you need any more information or would like help writing a covering letter, please contact or


Posted on 15th October 2015

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