Veteran’s Voices – Documentary Film opportunity with Poppy Scotland

Veterans’ Voices will be a unique resource of high-quality film archive of interviews with veterans living in Scotland of military conflict from 1939 to the present day. Our ambition is to capture as many of these personal recollections, so that their stories can live on.

We aim to have an interview with at least one veteran from every conflict where the British Armed Forces have been stationed since 1939. We also aim to have a range of veterans of different ages, backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and experiences. The veterans will be asked the same set of questions giving a unique insight into their experiences and views at different times in history. We will also do some group interviews to allow intergenerational interaction. These groups would have mixed experiences and be diverse, although some could come from the same regiments at different times to enhance the change in experience.

Interviews will cover veterans’ experiences and their thoughts on remembrance. It is important that these voices are captured now before they can no longer be shared, ensuring greater understanding for future generations.

The completed body of work will be available to view on our learning website and will be used by schools but promoted beyond this.

The short video clips will help viewers develop a better understanding and engage with veterans and have greater appreciation of more recent and less well-known conflicts. It is important that interviews have gender balance and include representatives from minority groups.


If anyone is interested in getting involved or has any questions they should contact me on  or call 07833 750937.

Posted on 20th February 2019

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