Webinar: A Career in Wealth Management

Friday 15th May 2020  11:30am   Online

Join us in this webinar to hear from Senior Selection Manager Chris Benn as well as some of his current graduates who have been involved in the St James’s Place Academy. This webinar will give you an insight into wealth management and the journey that you will take into an unrivalled development programme for outstanding individuals who have no previous experience of giving financial advice.

To sign up for this webinar please register at Chris.Benn@sjp.co.uk, providing your name and email address


How do your Military Skills and Experiences Add Value to Businesses?




Webinar: Working in Cyber Security: An insight into Accenture UK 

Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 2pm       Online

Join us in this webinar as we hear from Troy Johnson, Security Consulting Manager with Accenture UK as he talks about his career journey into the area of Cyber Security. As a former Royal Marine, Troy talks about his own transition journey into this sector and the many opportunities that have been presented to him throughout his career. We will also hear about Accenture UK and the role they play in supporting military personnel.


“Throughout the COVID19 lockdown there is a considerable rise in cybercrime, which has been acknowledge by individual users of tech and worldwide governments.  Join me for an insight into my transition from the armed forces into civilian employment, where I now work as a Cyber Security Consulting Manager.”


To sign up for this event please email info@oascotland.org.uk  detailing your name and email address.


Podcast by Alex Cross

Hear from Alex, a former Naval Officer, on his transition journey to civilian life and the path he has taken to success. Alex leads on our Network Glasgow and is happy to have a chat with anyone regarding advice or support in throughout their own transition or change of career.


 Alex Cross OA Scotland Podcast.mp4


Webinar -Preparing for Virtual Interviews 

Face to face interviews can be daunting, but now, due to then current situation, Virtual Interviews are becoming the next big thing. There is also the possibility that these may continue once lockdown is over.

Virtual interviews can be challenging as it can be hard to read body language and know when to speak and yet the interviewer will still form an impression of you with the first few minutes. Listen below to how you can overcome these challenges


Webinar – Amazon, is this your next career?     Image result for Amazon Logo

In this webinar we talk to Gemma Jones, EU Operations Military Recruitment Manager for Amazon. Learn more about Amazon’s Military recruitment and their Military Pathway programme.

Amazon’s teams come from diverse backgrounds and are driven by the ability to invent and simplify and deliver results by thinking big and insisting on the highest standards. They know these values are recognisable to men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, as well as their spouses and partners, and they are actively looking for you to join them